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Steps to get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate (EC) from registration. website Now you can get an encumbrance certificate online now. In order to get EC you have need to perform the below steps.

Steps to Get Encumbrance Certificate (EC) Online
Image result for Encumbrance Certificate ( EC Online ) Telangana Land Record Free Download
  •     Go to the website
  •     You through to encumbrance Search,
  •     Click on Yes in the screen that appears
    Click on the check box of the list of encumbrance certificates that are needed and click on submit. This will open a new popup window with the encumbrance certificate. You can then print this certificate.

Importance of Encumbrance Certificate

Online eEC is available for transaction post 01-01-1983 only. Hence if citizens require Encumbrance certificate prior to 01-01-1983, they should approach SRO office concern.

    Document Number and Year of Document
    House Number or Old House Number or Apartment name situated in a City/ Town/Village with optional Flat Number and Colony/Locality/Habitation
    Survey number in a Revenue Village

Users are advised to enter the house number following the standard format as Ward – Block – Door NO / Bi no. for better results.

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Encumbrance Certificate
Encumbrance Certificate The Encumbrance Certificate is used in property transactions as an evidence of free title / ownership. when buying an apartment land or house it is important to confirm that the land or property does not haveany legal dues


Apply for Encumbrance Certificate Application :This section contains instructions for the operators of the Meeseva web application to apply for Encumbrance Certificate Application.

Important Instructions:
1)If the required village name under Buildings/Stru
ctures or Open Sites/Agricultural Lands is not found, enter the required village name in Alias textbox, next to village dropdown

2)Please enter Valid data for Flat Number, Old House Number or Plot Number, otherwise request will be rejected

3)If the village name appears more than once in Village dropdown under Buildings/Open Sites a provision is made so that on selecting the village,mandal is displayed below

4)If the details are fetched by clicking the GetDocuments button don't change the details,otherwise EC may be generated with irreleva nt data or EC may be rejected by SRO or
NIL EC may be generated

5) Charges for EC have been revised by registration department, Search up to 30 years (Rs.225/-), Search above 30 years (Rs.525/-)

6) The Provision for entering details under Buildings/Structures and Open Sites/Agricultural Lands has been removed when details are populated on entering Document Year/Document Number

7) If the Document Number/Year are entered while searching the EC Details, The From date must not be greater than Document Year (Ex: Document Number/Year is 1234/2000 From Datemust not be 2001 or greater), the transactions which are done between the selected from & to Dates are fetched
all Govt citizen Application Apply Only on Meeseva* All Application any information Send your Mobile,Govt Meeseva Toll Free :1100

Category Type: A

Challan Charges :Upto 30 Years INR 200/- and Above 30 years

User Charges :INR 25/-

Documents Required :NA

SLA :15 Min or 1 Working Day Output Encumbrance Certificate

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